who is this clod?

Hi there. I’m Helen. My feet are pictured above. Yes, it’s a real tattoo.

I’m 28. I like metal, feminist cultural studies, bike rides, fried rice, and craft cocktails.

Library school (for real!) means I don’t have much time for this blog thing, but I try to drop by now and then for some cranky natterings about subjects I enjoy.


3 Responses to “who is this clod?”

  1. Hey Helen,

    My friend Julia Davidson linked me to your blog. I really like it! I linked mine to you if you want to check it out. Perhaps you may dig it!

    Anyway, keep up the witty writing, your blog rocks!


    • Hey! Glad you liked my blahg, I enjoyed yours as well. It’s always awesome to see another non-fluffy pagan. Well, I guess I’m not actually “pagan” in the sense of religious practice but I do find the Norse epics to be inspirational reading during tough times. (As far as the Poetic Edda goes, I prefer the Hollander translation, though the Bellows one has its moments.)

  2. Hi!

    I’ve had multiple friends send me the link to your blog here…i too am a feminist lady who is into metal. I happen to play guitar in a band called Order of the Gash (hence, why several friends have pointed out your blog to me). Soooo just wanted to stop by and say hello =)


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