sketchy zine dudes part a million, apparently.

I wrote a post a while ago about Joe Biel that got a moderate amount of traffic (including a rambling reply from Joe himself, unfortunately). Recently someone replied to that post with some jaw-droppingly disgusting abuse apologist bullshit. I debated approving it but decided to because this fool attached their full name to it, and I like the names of clownasses being attached to embarrassing shit they say.

In their second comment, they revealed something interesting. I have bolded the relevant parts. (Also: this is the kind of cartoonishly shitty abuse apologism you would expect from the villain in a Lifetime movie so do NOT read on if that stuff is gonna ruin your day).

My self-esteem couldn’t be higher. I was present in Joe’s life during this “abuse” and it’s bullshit. Alex is a weak little girl who thrives solely on attention. I thought people had issues with Joe’s “accountability” yet you have stated that he himself has admitted to the abuse? contradictory, which is expected. Facts are facts about abuse victims, if you don’t like them, too bad. I know that being a strong woman, someone could only abuse ME once. period. I sure did use my real name because anyone with some common sense knows i’m right. Furthermore, I’m helping Joe out with some resources to sue the shit out if her sad ass because he’s got a solid libel suit. As far as him admitting it goes, what other choice did he have against a low self esteem attention getter? Really…what other choice? Gimme a break. I was under the impression that most “women” who stay in abusive relationships stayed because of low self esteem and self worth. Now pardon me, my kitten needs my attention…

I don’t know about you, but I feel bad for that kitten. Also, looks like “community accountability” doesn’t do shit. In other news, the Pope is Catholic and water is wet.


~ by Smellen on January 10, 2013.

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