hell is other people, indeed.

Hi!  So I’m in the midst of what will probably be an all-nighter, writing a profile of an academic library.  Whoo.  School.  For some light amusement, however, I have decided to share with y’all some missives I recently received from a…gentleman…on OkCupid.  (Yes, I do that.  Whatever.  I’ve met plenty of lovely people outside of my immediate punk/metal friend circle, which was more or less my goal there.)  Apologies for those of you who are my Facebook friends who have seen this, but I don’t encounter this sort of 90-proof complete fucking batshittery often in my life, so I like to share the, uh, wealth when I do.

So.  This dude’s opening line was telling me that John Carpenter’s The Thing was a remake (because I say in my profile that I like The Thing, but not the recent remake which exists for some fucking reason).  Yeah, no shit, I read IMDB too.  I scanned his profile, found little of interest, and decided to ignore him.  Then this happened. (Changes in his profile picture come from him changing it as I screencapped all this nonsense, because apparently duckface vs. tired internet meme is a real tough decision.)



well, I can’t imagine why a total fucking prize like THAT is still single.


~ by Smellen on November 14, 2012.

One Response to “hell is other people, indeed.”

  1. Ugh.

    > “Well, maybe you’re right. We don’t have anything in common. At least psychologically.”

    Right. After what dude revealed about his own psychology, one would hope not.

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