Hugo Schwyzer: human Ipecac.

I’m willing to guess that pretty much every gal who’s pursued women’s studies academically has met a tool like gender studies professor and “feminist” Hugo Schwyzer: a dude whose feminist work primarily consists of delivering glancing blows to wide-open targets and then expecting all the ladies around him to reward him with high-fives and handjobs because he deigned to acknowledge that gender inequality is a thing that is bad.  It’s not news that feminist writers who simply repackage shit that’s been circulating for decades can make it big, especially if they’ve cultivated internetz fame first (ahem, Full Frontal Feminism), but the gender dynamic in Schwyzer’s case makes it especially bothersome.

And that’s not even getting into his past.  Hold on, I got myself a bottle of wine this afternoon and I’m going to need to uncork that before I continue.

…oh cheap Riesling, you’re my pal!  ANYWAY.  So, Schwyzer, by his own admission, is a former drug addict who ;once tried to kill both his girlfriend and himself;, and early on in his academic career engaged in creepy and inappropriate sexual behavior with his own students (sleeping with four of them on a field trip, for example).  Granted, all of this shit happened quite a while ago, but Schwyzer continues to address these events in ways that are, to say the least, bothersome.  His tone when writing about his attempted murder/suicide comes across as wheedling self-pity, and although he claims to regret sleeping with all those students, his website still proudly notes that he is rated as the hottest professor in American on  Um…

So, anyway, not a fan.  You know what else I’m not a fan of?  High traffic feminist blogs publishing fawning interviews; with pieces of shit like this, and then, when people get angry at giving a well-known creep a platform, freaking the hell out about how MEEEEAAAN everyone is being and gosh, can’t they see he’s CHANGED

Yeah, no, sorry.  Yes, people can change, even after committing heinous acts.  But when a dude who has an abusive past like that attempts to reinvent himself as some kind of feminist champ while still displaying such problematic attitudes towards his past behaviors, I.  Am.  Not.  Buying.  It.

This is why I prefer my heavy metal dude pals to dudes like Schwyzer: because I know that when I call them on gender shit (which, granted, isn’t all the time…picking my battles, etc.) and they say that they are considering my point (which, again, isn’t all the time, and sometimes we just end up disagreeing because such is life), I know that they are actually considering my point because we’re pals and they respect me, not because they’re desperately jockeying for ally points and trying to build up an image as someone who “shatters gender myths.”  “Never trust a Nice Guy(TM)” is a swell motto to live by, I think.

~ by Smellen on December 24, 2011.

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