Joe Biel is a toolshed, part a billion

So between two jobs and library school, I barely have time for my fun pastimes like this anymore, but I would like to drop in quickly and share this nonsense, which was sent to the woman who booked the Dinner & Bikes tour in Lawrence Kansas and then canceled when she found out about Joe’s abuse history. For context, Elly is Joe’s lady friend and tourmate.

“Please consider this email a formal request for a retraction of your defamatory statements about Joe Biel, Microcosm Publishing, and the Dinner & Bikes Tour.

Also attached is an invoice. We had agreed to a $150 guarantee for our event in L…awrence. But because for such an event we would expect to make at bare minimum $300, and because the cancellation was not in good faith, I am attaching an invoice for the larger amount. Payment is due immediately.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I hope that we do not have to take this to the next level.


So yeah, trying to extort hundreds of dollars is totally punk. I guess? Har har har VOMIT.

~ by Smellen on September 28, 2011.

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