I just discovered the world of social justice on Tumblr


Okay. Okay. I can’t even…bourbon. Where is my bourbon.


Anyway. So. It is times like these I am grateful for my intelligent, politically aware friends I know in real life, and for the work they do and the discussions we have. I am really, really happy that most of these awful “social justice” blogs seem to be created by shut-ins who do nothing but yell at each other on the internet, about two main subjects:

1. Hijacking the language used by groups that are actually oppressed and applying it to their decidedly non-oppressed identity categories. My previous entry refers to the appropriation of queer politics by asexuals, and I won’t repeat myself here…but guess who also is fighting the Man who is keeping them down? PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT THEY ARE FUCKING HALF-ELVES WITH GODDAMN CYBORGS AND VAMPIRES LIVING IN THEIR HEADS I am not joking, not even a little bit. For the record, in case I did not make this crystal clear: Yes, I am making fun of you and your identity. And if you think having the cast of a B-list sci-fi movie inhabiting your brainspace is something that other people are bound to respect, if you think that it OPPRESSES you when people maybe don’t think that’s anything other than a delusion…um, sorry? I don’t care. I don’t know when “social justice” became the same thing as “not mocking my tender feelings,” but I am decidedly not on board with that particular line of bullshit. I don’t wish to minimize the effects of bullying, but I will say this: someone telling you off for appropriating the identity politics of an actual marginalized group (and yes, identity politics have their drawbacks of course, but that’s a lengthy diatribe in and of itself which I will spare you for now) is not the same as someone being gay-bashed. Jesus shit, internet, REALLY?

2. Head-scratching debates over language. I guess the current thing is “-phobia” and how that is ableist, apparently? This about sums up my feelings on that issue. I would also like to note that while exploring the etymology of words is important (there’s a reason I don’t say “hysterical”, for instance, unless I am making a sarcastic reference to Womb Furie or what have you), it can also be used as a derailing tactic. If someone calls you out on something, pick out a word they used with arguably shady etymology, and let’s spend the rest of the time discussing THAT! WHEE. Or, you know, not. I would also like to point out that some of us don’t spend 99.9% of our time on the internet, or we use most of our internet time watching ’80s metal videos and Drunk History episodes (Oney Judge FTW!) and thus are not up on the evolution of language debates in the feminist/social justice internetosphere, and acting like everyone is familiar with all this crap is a totally obnoxious assumption to make.

OK, moving on, what is your opinion on Venom’s “sexy” songs, internet? I say Cronos writes “sexy” lyrics like a basement-dwelling virgin. My friend Aaron says it’s more like he had sex once and caught a scorching case of herpes. We agree, however, that this is probably the most awesome Venom song. Thoughts?


~ by Smellen on June 25, 2011.

9 Responses to “I just discovered the world of social justice on Tumblr”

  1. since i inadvertently discovered social justice on tumblr, my life has been destroyed. i have officially given up on people. we now live in a world where people honestly believe that their D&D characters have inhabited their “headspaces” from mysterious realms that nobody understands, & that this constitutes a valid marginalized identity other than “coping with mental health issues”. rather than agitating for concrete rights & protective civil rights legislation, people are getting all upset that someone perhaps once suggested that they have a toenail fungus, because all people deserve to live free from any kind of acknowledgment that sometimes people get toenail fungi. every single dumb social justice thing i have ever gotten upset about it has now been put into perspective & i have no choice but to go live out the rest of my days in a cave. which i’m sure oppresses somebody, somewhere. i don’t care.

    • The toenail fungus thing…seriously, what? I mean, what kind of oppression does that even supposedly tie into? Is there some group typically stereotyped as having toenail fungus that I don’t know about? Most of this tumblr shit is enraging, but that is just confusing.

  2. [Irrelevant: your photo reminds me of Ween’s frightening Motorhead parody.]

    Between this and other conversations, it is as if the entire concept of social justice has been turned inside-out, and has become focused on protecting a single solitary individual’s right to define themselves however they choose. How did this happen? Who cares?! It makes the head spin and the guts feel like the head’s spinning. A sort of implosion to the world.

    • ugh, seriously. And have you noticed the overuse of trigger warnings on these jokers’ blogs? Yeah, that kind of thing is good to use if your post has, say, a description of a sexual assault…but “TRIGGER WARNING” slapped all over a post where all you do is whine about how some people choose not to validate your bullshit? I mean, how do these people even leave the house?

      …oh. Right.

      • “Oh, right,” says it all. This tendency – the tendency to withdraw and justify or rationalize yourself – doesn’t seem at all unnatural, at least not to the current American situation. But it takes on another extreme when you get the internet involved, and someone can both withdraw AND reinforce their personal world to others – often far more vigorously than they would do in person.

  3. Hey. This is a fantastic post. Unfortunately, I can’t help but get dragged into reading Social Justice Tumblrs these days. I’m attracted to it like a moth to flame.

    Ahhh jeez.

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  5. I just want to say that your picture and that bottle of bourbon sums up perfectly my reaction to discovering “Social Justice” on tumblr. I’m also glad you pointed out that most of these idiots are mostly shut-ins with literally nothing else to do but sit in front of their computers, their fingers flying around in apoplectic rage at the drop of an ablist hat.


    • I was saying yesterday to someone that my least favorite thing about Social Justice in certain places on the internet is that it takes valid concepts – like ableism! – and then just grossly misuses them to the point that someone who sees that term is just gonna roll their eyes and not pay attention. And that fucking sucks. I want to be able to talk about discrimination against, say, folks with mental illness and NOT be associated with clowns who argue that “ableism” is asking them to manage literally any behavior possibly associated with a mental condition. For example: the contingent of jackasses on the internet who think that calling dudes with no sense of boundaries “creepy” is oppressive because some of them might possibly be on the autism spectrum. SERIOUSLY? Jesus.

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