stone deaf forever

Motorhead. Motorhead. OH MY GOD, MOTORHEAD. Also, Lemmy is astonishingly well-preserved for someone so old and so full of various recreational chemicals.

One thing, though. Using my short-girl powers, I had muscled my way to the front, and was going nuts and enjoying myself. I was shortly joined by a lady who stood next to me, screaming Lemmy’s name over and over and making clutching gestures, looking like she was literally trying to throw herself at him. She disappeared in short order – not sure if she was whisked away backstage or just kicked out for being drunk and fucking obnoxious. Now, I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, and I know Lemmy’s reputation with the ladies. (Though anyone who dismisses him entirely as a misogynist ass is ignoring the way he treated female musicians [Girlschool, for instance] with respect when very few other people in the metal community did. I cheered when he said “People said Kelly [Johnson] played pretty good for a girl…fuck that, she was GOOD.”) But still, that shit just fucking bums me out. Really? That was your goal when you walked into this building? Why? I’m totally pro-boning, of course, but chucking yourself at some dude just because he’s in a legendary band is just sad.

I don’t know. Every time I see a famous or famous-ish metal band I see shit like this, and I hate it but I’m also not down with twerpy sexist remarks about groupies (the “lol, dumb trampy bitches” kind of shit), and I know it’s not really a good thing to be overly concerned about strangers’ sex lives. Still, though, I see women like Pamela Des Barres say stuff like “well, I had fun, and I wasn’t being exploited, and I would totally let my daughter to it,” and I’m really not sure I buy it at all. While I’m not clutching my pearls and insisting that lots of sex with famous band dudes will lead to pill-popping and shame and death, and I know that ladies who make a habit out of such things generally know what they’re getting into…why not aim a little higher than that? In a way, I think of it the same way I think of people who play Rock Band all day instead of actually learning to play guitar. Why be some withered old rocker fellow’s muse/fuck-jar when it’s much more fun to rock out yourself? Maybe that’s trite, but I drank so much shitty well whiskey last night I can’t really come up with profound insights right now.

Also, I’m surprised I can even talk right now, given the way I tore my throat screaming along to “Killed By Death.” Thank goodness for small favors, I suppose.

~ by Smellen on February 16, 2011.

One Response to “stone deaf forever”

  1. For a month now I’ve been thinking that I should look up Motorhead tour dates… just ‘cuz. Apparently they played in SF on Feb. 2nd. I will now enact violence upon my person using this computer monitor.

    [the yawning gulf of a scream of sheer rage]

    I owe you a phone call.

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