not grumpy, for the nonce

Three things:

1. First spring thaw, here in Minneapolis. The end of winter in Minnesota basically feels like this:

Yeah, fuck you, old man winter. For the moment, I have slipped free of your skin-flaying frosty grasp. (And yes, I know there’s probably going to be at least a couple more snowstorms before spring really happens, but let me have my moment here.)

2. I got into U of Wisconsin’s MLIS/Archives program.

3. I have a ticket to go see Motorhead tonight.

~ by Smellen on February 15, 2011.

One Response to “not grumpy, for the nonce”

  1. oh man! i am in the gslis/archives program at simmons in boston, and one of my professors did the program at u of w. she talks about how great it was all the time. as for the greatness of archives programs in general, i will attest to that. i’m in my second of four semesters, and honestly i kind of never want it to end!

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