whinge whinge drunken whinge

So, I won’t bore you with the details, but I’ve recently had to stop a collaborative musical project I was working on because guess what became an issue? If you guessed “my musicianship,” well, that’s fair enough, but you’d be wrong. The correct answer is “my gender.”

I am not generally peevish when musical projects peter out – such is life, and knowing many other musicians means that I know the failed-project-to-band ratio is something like 1000:1. However, the particular reason in this case is grating. I don’t claim to be a genius on my instrument but I have practiced hard and pushed myself and tried to convince myself that as long as I can hold my own musically and be a good collaborator (by being responsible for my equipment, holding up my end of the songwriting process, communicating effectively and so on), the fact that I am a lady is not going to matter. It is a bit unusual to see a woman actually playing an instrument in the world of metal, I admit – most women in the genre are singers, it seems. As far as high-profile bands, there’s Girlschool, Bolt Thrower’s Jo Bench, Electric Wizard’s Liz Buckingham, Ludicra’s Christy Cather, the lady who used to play guitar in God Dethroned, and not many others that I can immediately think of. But why does it matter? I am sure there are other factors in my life that make me stand out a bit among metal musicians. I am sure that many people in high-profile bands have some quirk that sets them apart, and no one really cares about it. Being reminded that my femaleness is, in fact, a big deal for some folks is just fucking depressing.

Whatever. I’ll just listen to old Metallica until the ghost of Cliff Burton appears and instructs me what to do.

…WHY CAN’T I EMBED? WORDPRESS, I AM DRUNK AND ANGRY. ANYWAY HERE IS THE LINK, SINCE APPARENTLY YOU ARE GONNA BE LIKE THAT: Cliff Burton plays “For Whom The Bell Tolls,” which is the first Metallica song I ever learned (well, that and “Creeping Death”), but he obviously does it better and introduces it with some crazy soloing shit because he is just THAT AWESOME.

…Man. I would give myself a hysterectomy with a butter knife if it meant I could play like that. Sigh.

~ by Smellen on August 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “whinge whinge drunken whinge”

  1. so glad you didn’t mention that woman from archenemy. because she and that band fuckin suck.

    • John, you are totally just trying to start a fight with me, because if you’ve been in my general proximity in the last year you’ve probably heard about how even though I don’t really care about Arch Enemy as a band I really like Angela Gossow as a public figure. I mean, she talks all the time about collecting Morbid Angel vinyl and about how awesome it is that she gets letters from young women inspired to join bands because of her. I actually like 2 of the Arch Enemy albums she’s done with the band – I know you don’t because they were recorded after 1992 and not in a basement in Norway, but y’know, we’ll agree to disagree here.

      PS – We can agree on Jo Bench, yes? I seriously can’t stop listening to Bolt Thrower.

      PPS – I can’t stop following Bobby Liebling’s wife’s fashion blog and it’s all your fault.

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