gleeful sunday

I would like to thank Threadbared for pointing me towards a couple things:

1. This post and this post, both of which concern Lady Gaga and the way she is able to appear grotesque and artsy and weird and still be a pop sensation because she is a pretty, petite white lady. I am a Gaga fan because I think her visual/sartorial expressions are generally pretty interesting, but I am in total agreement with these folks when they note that the stuff she does would be nowhere near as acceptable were she inhabiting a body that was less conventionally attractive, or one that was already marked as sexually deviant (for example, if she were black, and thus subject to stereotypes about voracious, uncontrollable sexuality).

Also, there are a lot of weird comments on the Racialicious article that insist that Gaga isn’t white because she’s Italian and naturally brown-haired. Huh? Really? What year are we living in, again?

2. Janelle Monae. Her music isn’t really my cup of tea (though I get the feeling it’ll get some play during one of my “it’s midnight, I’m drunk, and I wish to dance around” moments), but damn if she isn’t totally adorable. I mean, look at this:

Plus her latest album is about an android heroine who fights to end social inequalities (inspired by Fritz Lang’s classic Metropolis, but in her version the robots aren’t just pawns of the villainous upper class). Plus, OMG that pompadour and that suit, which she considers a tribute to her working-class family. Seriously, woman, marry me.

Some other things that I’ve been excited about lately:

1. Moving. I’ve needed a change of scenery for a while and I’m so excited that it’s falling into place, finally.
2. Rediscovering Amebix, Nausea, and the Faith/Void split. And speaking of Amebix: did you folks know that Rob “The Baron” Miller makes swords? Probably, because I find that fact fascinating and won’t shut up about it, ever.
3. Bike rides. I have an amazing single-speed road bike that’s super light, super comfortable, and has the perfect gear ratio, and now that the weather is nice I’ve been taking it all over town. The boyfriend keeps trying to get me to convert it to a fixed gear, but my intense loathing of show-offy fixter jocks is, perhaps unfairly, discouraging me from doing so. (Wow! You can do a track stand! You can skid to a stop, sort of! But apparently you are unable to properly signal a turn.)

~ by Smellen on June 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “gleeful sunday”

  1. I did NOT know that about Rob Miller. Now I want to know what movies or shows he’s made swords for!

  2. I can think of at least 12 times you’ve mentioned Baron’s sword making. I heard ya already!

  3. Janelle Monae fuck yeah:

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