locals make good

So I’ve had this song, by Portland (that’s Maine, not Oregon, DAMMIT) locals Hessian, stuck in my head for the past two days. Well, that and “Single Ladies,” but I like this better.

Salli, who plays guitar in this band (and sings the demonic lady part in this tune), manages my favorite coffee shop, and has often provided me with caffeinated fluids and discussions of Lemmy and Jon Mikl Thor. She’s told me that people often mistake us for sisters. To which I say: I wish.

Speaking of awesome folks from my town, my pal Michelle wrote a book about spooky history/happenings in Maine, based on her blog. While I am usually skeptical of the blog-to-book thing, Michelle is a tireless researcher and an engaging writer who avoids the slapdash, hurried feel of most of the blogs-to-books I’ve seen. Plus, she does wonderful illustrations for the material. And if you’re ever up Maine way, she runs the Green Hand Bookshop in downtown Portland, and it’s a great place to stop in, especially if you like history, horror, fantasy, or cheesy true crime-ish stuff (I am perpetually tempted by the array of Satanic-Panic literature). I have actually had to limit my time in there because it has drained my disposable income like a charming, literate vampire.

Stuff like this is why I will miss this place when I move to Minnesota. Which is…happening next month! Dear god! Any readers out there who know anything about Minneapolis, a.k.a. the place where your intrepid author will be planting her behind for the next year at least?

~ by Smellen on May 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “locals make good”

  1. MINNESOTA?!?! Oh yea, I remember now… Here’s to it! Good luck! That said I have NO idea what Minneapolis is like, though I just had a brief tour of Chicago and liked it a lot.

  2. so Minnesota? why Minnesota? not hating, just really wonder why of all places to live you’d pick that one.

    • It was Jordan’s choice, really – he’s going to grad school. I’m not particularly attached to Maine anymore, didn’t want to do the long-distance relationship thing again, liked the idea of moving to a bigger city (we’ll be living in Minneapolis). I am going to miss the ocean, but they do have 10,000 lakes over there, so I guess I can deal.

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