obligatory grumbling about Lost

I’d say “spoilers,” but it’s more like “I know 99.9% of you don’t give two shits about Lost.” Anyway:

SAYID AND FUCKING SHANNON? WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING AND WHERE CAN I GET SOME? Seriously, how does this thought process go? Maybe something like this:

“OK, he could be with the woman he’s loved since childhood, whose tragic premature death provided his whole motivation to start working as Ben’s hitman…or he could be with the spoiled, whiny, vapid, manipulative emotional infant who he was with for a week and change. OH THIS IS SO DIFFICULT…”

I mean, I understand why Shannon was such a twit. I was kind of a dramatic, self-centered ass when I was 19/20 – not as much as she was, but still. And she was showing signs of growing out of her twit phase before getting shot in the stomach. But still, what the fuck? Sayid and Nadia’s reunion provided some of the first real tears I have cried at a TV show since, like, grade school. And now it’s all thrown out the window because his True Love is evidently the fucking Paris Hilton of the island. Seriously, the hell?

Kate’s presence bummed me out. Such potential, and the writers squandered it (slowly and painfully, over six seasons) by having her get so into that inane love triangle. Was that shit written in to appeal to the ladies? Because I was bored with it by episode #3.

I liked that Hurley and Ben were buddies. Dude.

I could have done with a more significant Desmond/PENNEH!!! reunion. Do they meet again while they’re still alive? I am going to think so because otherwise I will just get bummed the fuck out.

Annoyed at the blatant Jack/Jesus allegory. For fuck’s sake, his God complex needed deflating, not propping up.

Overall: decidedly mixed feelings, though honestly I don’t know how they could have ended it to my satisfaction. I think I am just going to not get wrapped up in TV shows anymore because they clearly annoy me more than is warranted. (Though I am totally ignoring my own advice and watching the shit out of Twin Peaks. Oops.)

~ by Smellen on May 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “obligatory grumbling about Lost

  1. One word: “Deadwood.” As the man said, it’s the only card you need.

    • Oh man, I forgot about Deadwood. Jordan and I tried watching it a while ago but the website we were watching it on didn’t let us watch full episodes, so we gave up. Now that I have the Netflix I should get back into it, though.

      I also have been watching The Tudors a little, which Jordan mocks me for. “oh SHIT! The DUKE has requested AN AUDIENCE!” To which I replied something like “shut up, there’s violence and boning. It’s fun!”

  2. All I wanna know is, WHERE DID THE NUMBERS COME FROM?!?!?

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