goodbye, Dio.

Like I needed an excuse to listen to Holy Diver ten times in a row. Well, now I have one. Rest in peace, you wonderful little elf of a man.

~ by Smellen on May 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “goodbye, Dio.”

  1. Solo work is grand and all, but I consider his records with Rainbow and Black Sabbath is finest output. There’s nothing more grand to to me than his vocals on the “Heaven and Hell” album. Pure magic.

    • to repeat something I’ve said probably 24839430 times: I am SO JEALOUS you got to see the Heaven and Hell/Judas Priest/Testament/Motorhead tour. “Heaven and Hell” is pretty awesome, though I have a sentimental attachment to Ozzy-era Sabbath since that’s what I listened to in middle/high school.

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