rip off your head, shit down your neck.

Arizona commands an entire fleet of failboats. AGAIN!

My alma mater (which I plan to return to this weekend to watch some pals graduate, and also to consume Waffle House food at every opportunity…what? Hash browns and black coffee got me through my thesis, assholes) did not have an Ethnic Studies department (there were some individual classes along those lines, but not a major or minor). However: we did have Women’s and Gender Studies. I minored in it, in fact. And believe me when I say that even at lefty hippie college, there are people who believe that those classes just teach us how to hate dudes. I even had a writer for the school paper accuse me and the two other girls I worked with on the Gender and Women’s Studies crew of being resentful man-hating bitches, mostly because we had feminist literature in the Women’s Resource Center and a “Shoot That Rapist” poster from the Radical Cheerleaders on the wall. And I mean, I obviously have no problem with dudes. I am friends with some of them, I play music with some of them, I date one of them. (she said, batting her eyelashes innocently.) But that does not mean I do not hate the power structure that privileges dudes over ladies, and I am going to get pissed when I see dudes – even the dudes I like being around, generally – maintaining that structure in some way. Can you understand the difference? If you’re not an utter simpleton, you probably can! Good for you! This also goes for understanding the difference between hating a white supremacist power structure and hating people because they are white.


The measure prohibits classes that advocate ethnic solidarity, that are designed primarily for students of a particular race or that promote resentment toward a certain ethnic group. It also prohibits classes that promote the overthrow of the U.S. government.

“Designed primarily for students of a particular race”? What the pisschrist does that even mean? If white students aren’t interested in particular classes, do they get the axe? Don’t even tell me this measure is going to be used towards classes that are disproportionately white or I will laugh in your face forever. And “promote the overthrow of the U.S. government”? Heaven forfend anyone talk about THAT. I mean, the United States government has certainly never done anyone wrong, especially not minority ethnic groups.

Governor Jan Brewer says that these classes promote an atmosphere “just like the old South.” Brewer, you need several strong smacks upside the head and a few history lessons. When a group with all the power and privilege decides to shit on a group with none of that, it is not the same as when a group with no power starts resenting the group in power. We can all probably agree that blanket generalizations are misguided, but the effects of those generalizations vary greatly, depending upon who is making them (are they part of the group making policy and producing most of the media, for instance?).

On a lighter note, it’s kind of cool to see that some of the more fashionable people in the blog world still stoop to dressing like me every now and again. Well, I don’t wear cowboy boots ever (small feet+chunky calves=I can’t wear any footwear above mid-calf length), but still, if that hoodie was black that’s more or less what I wear every single day. Well, that and a couple pieces of heavy-metal-cliche jewelry (Viking good luck charm and small silver crow skull around my neck). Mimi definitely rocks short hair better than I ever did, though. I tried it for a few years in high school, but I have neither the confidence nor adeptness with hair product to pull it off (my hair is fine and floppity and requires artificial volume when it’s short or my head looks really weirdly shaped). Anyway, I am glad she mentioned Thrashin’. That movie is beyond hilarious (the sex scene! Dear god, the lead-in to the sex scene! So crushingly awkward!).

~ by Smellen on May 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “rip off your head, shit down your neck.”

  1. I hated the surf punks in Thrashin’. Daggers!!

  2. WHOA! I just stumbled across your blog via Ciarra X and read thru your bio, realized you write said zine that I picked up thru strangerdanger {and loved, BTW} and I’m carrying on here reading your blog to discover you are a WWC alum? Back the truck up a sec. I am, too…but Ellen doesn’t ring an immediate bell…I graduated in ’04. Do we know each other? Dang, what an exciting Tuesday find!

    • hey! I think we may have just missed each other at WWC – I started there in fall 2004. If you stuck around Aville we may have bumped into each other, though honestly, I was a grumpy shut-in for the majority of my college career (hey, I had to earn them good grades!) so maybe not.

      What was your major? I was History and Political Science – I wrote my thesis on the Dorland-Bell school and “civilizing” missions in mountain towns in the South conducted by the Presbyterian church. Maybe it’s weird, but I miss hanging out in that cold little archives room and pawing through old letters and pamphlets.

  3. Sorry—>Helen, not Ellen. I mistyped.

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