two things skimmed/overheard today

1. DJ on the radio comparing Bruce Springsteen’s extramarital affair tothose of Tiger Woods and Jesse James, saying that Bruce’s lady on the side was a classy woman – they exchanged books, you know, not like those trashy bitches the other dudes cheated with. Because giant boobs, tattoos, and/or skimpy clothing mean you can’t read, evidently. Not to defend shit like (for example) Michelle McGee’s Nazi politics and her attempt at parlaying her lady-on-the-side status into fame, but that’s not what DJ fellow was talking about. This is where I screech, pull my hair, and point out that you can criticize unethical behavior like lying to one’s lady-friend without relying on tiresome class and gender stereotypes.

2. Idiot yuppie magazine read in the bathroom contained a feature on “the return of the Afro.” Penned by (wait for it) a white girl who purchases a blond Afro wig at a party supply store, wears it around for a day, and writes down the responses. (Small children love it; people behind her in the movie theater, not so much.) Nary a mention of the contentious racialized history of the Afro, except to say, in passing, that it is now apparently “post-racial.” (Yes, white people can have big poufy hair naturally too, but how can you ignore the way that the Black Power movement brought the Afro into public consciousness in the 1960s and ’70s? Oh, right, if the coke your target audience consumes has utterly addled their ability to comprehend social/cultural history). Yeah, it’s not like folks ever criticize black people with Afros as looking “too political” or “unprofessional” anymore. Oh, wait, a Glamour editor totally did just that less than three years ago. But hey, that was before Obama’s actual election, so it’s all OK now, right?


~ by Smellen on April 15, 2010.

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