amanda palmer gets a doctorate in faileontology

Twitter is one of my least favorite things about the internet, and I find Amanda Palmer’s public persona to be beyond irritating. Combine the two, and what do you have? Something which threatens to set my eyeballs on fire every time I look at it. (Why do I look at it, sometimes? Because I hate myself, that’s why.)

Anyway, so. Like everyone else on the internet, Palmer saw the new Lady Gaga video and wants to talk about it. Most of this is along the lines of affirming that Palmer is such an *~aRtiSte~* and Gaga is a money-grubbing sellout. SNOO-ZER. Oh, and something about how people who dislike Lady Gaga “get” her a lot more than her ignorant fans do. See! You can’t be smart and enjoy a pop sensation! It just doesn’t happen.

And then: “ironic product placement is only ok if you take no money & beyond that give all the income to something ironic. like the Klan.”

OH BAWWW HAW HAW YOU ARE THE EDGIEST WOMAN ALIVE, PALMER! YOU ARE SO SHOCKING ME WITH YOUR DEVIANT BEHAVIOR! Seriously, how is she in her 30’s? I grew out of this “I’m so weird, I’m shocking the squares” shit when I was like, 17. And again, while I have no objection to tastelessness or shocking content, I agree with this lady (warning: terrifying photos at that link, illustrating exactly what’s wrong with casually invoking the Klan for lolz) when she notes that: “I mean, if you want to get all bad ass Swiftian with your satire, you need build up. You don’t just jump in with “EAT IRISH BABIES” in the first paragraph.”

~ by Smellen on March 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “amanda palmer gets a doctorate in faileontology”

  1. Call me ignorant (“You’re ignorant!” “Shaddup!”) but I didn’t think the product placement was ironic, just extremely overt. Winking, as it were. No irony there. Amanda P., meanwhile…. I don’t even know.

    • yeah, I think they were going for a Wayne’s World kind of thing (“it’s like people only do things because they get paid…and that’s just really sad”). I don’t think it was entirely successful, but you’re right when you say it’s not really “ironic”.

      Some of the stuff Palmer writes reminds me so much of when I was 13 and all about feeling superior to other people because I was weird and artsy. Which, now that I’m 25, I see as really embarrassing.

      Also: I just realized I totally spaced on sending you that book, but hopefully I can make it to the post office today. (Figures it would be pouring rain on my one day off…)

    • ALSO: Wikipedia said the director of “Telephone” used to be a sometime member of Bathory. I really, really want this to be true.

  2. For all that it’s rightfully critiqued, there’s a lot to “Telephone” that deserves some more attention – she’s doing something that’s kinda fascinating as far as pop goes, and really perverse (in several directions, not just her obvious genderfuck-fetish displays).

    I agree re: Palmer’s sense of adolescent superiority. It mystifies me, because as you said you’d assume that age would teach you something. There’s also a disturbing blitheness to something like her conjoined-twins act: “Whatever happened to them, it was pretty fucked up.” So you’re not playing at mental-health-expert here, but instead taking a dismissive-jaded tone to the whole subject…which means the subject is safe. Safely ensconced within post-goth-whateveritis culture, just like portraying yourself with your skirt thrown up and your throat slit. Disturbing not in itself as subject matter but in its artifice, the fact that it’s almost NOT subject-matter anymore as much as subcultural reference. It’s not GOTH in and of itself but REFERENCING Goth.

    No worries re: book! I still have to send you Massumi – send me your address!

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