baphomet hits the catwalk

FUCKING YES. I want my hair to do this. Can my hair do this? I will MAKE MY HAIR DO THIS:

(It’s from Tamae Hirokawa fashion show and the photo is by Junko Kimura. I found it on Jezebel.)

Anyway: are any horror-movie nerds out there? Or just aficionados, perhaps? I want to talk about horror movie ladies I like, but I can’t come up with any besides Dr. Sarah Bowman from Day of the Dead, Ellen Ripley from the Alien movies, and the cast of The Descent. And maybe Suzy Banyon from Suspiria, but I think I may just like her because Suspiria is fucking awesome. It’s a little embarrassing, I know. I honestly tend to avoid horror movies with female side characters, because women are often so poorly treated in horror movies I know that their presence will probably just piss me off, even if I like the movie in general. As I observed to my friend Derek the other night, this is my main problem with Wes Craven (well, slasher films in general, but we were watching one of his so I brought up him particularly). I mean, I love Nightmare on Elm Street (hey, I’m a metalhead with a thing for cultural products of the ’80s, it’s practically a requirement), but the whole subtext of kids, especially girls, getting punished with death for doin’ it is so painfully Reaganite. (Ironic, huh?) It’s even more evident in the mere concept of Last House On The Left – “don’t even think about going to that rock concert and trying to buy that demon weed, young lady! Unless, of course, you want to get raped, tortured, and murdered.”

I’m not going to get all up in your business if you like those movies. I’ve never watched Last House on the Left, but that’s mostly because I just cannot stomach extended scenes of sexual violence. But, as I said, I do like Nightmare on Elm Street and other slasher films. I mean, I like plenty of things I find problematic. I do, however, find it tiresome when someone exhorts me to “turn [my] brain off” and enjoy something. Dude. You do not get to tell me what to do with my brain. I will criticize the puritanical sexual politics of slasher movies all I want, even though I will still clap with delight when someone is eaten by a bed.

On a semi-related dumb movie note, I am off to watch Lucio Fulci’s Conquest. I am told there are a)boobs, b)zombies, and c)werewolves that resemble Ewoks. I can’t wait.

~ by Smellen on March 25, 2010.

7 Responses to “baphomet hits the catwalk”

  1. what about May, from the movie of the same title. She’s awesome AND creepy.

  2. I liked that Jennifer’s Body was mostly about the relationship between the monster lady and her sweet nerd friend. Carrie has a duo of great performances, Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie. The Brood doesn’t feature Samantha Eggers in many scenes, but she is VERY INTERESTING in them. Canadian teen Werewolf flicks Ginger Snaps 1&2 have great leading roles and super actresses. This is on the horror/thriller border but Eyes Without a Face has one of the most satisfying endings of all time and a scene in the middle that made an ironic hipster audience in New York hyperventilate and then audibly mewl.
    Also, if you like Carrie and Susperia but haven’t seen Phantom of the paradise yet, it’s highly recommended. (Brian De Palma+Jessica Harper+Paul Williams of Muppets music fame=Awesome.)

    • I’ve been meaning to watch Ginger Snaps, I’ve heard a lot about it. Eyes Without a Face, too – I’ve seen a few stills from it and it looks really interesting. Carrie is fucking awesome, of course – I think every girl who was ever picked on in middle/high school should watch it and happily imagine telekinetically Hulking out on their classmates.

      I like the Brood a lot, especially that scene near the end where Eggars is licking one of her rage-offspring clean. I am a bit troubled by the way it sometimes plays into the “women can’t control their emotions, to the detriment of everyone around theme” trope. I mean, I know Cronenberg made it after a really bitter divorce and he was aiming it at his ex-wife specifically and not women in general, but you can’t expect your audience to necessarily be aware of those things. But still, those rage-children are awesome. I love how Cronenberg is really into gross medical/anatomy shit.

      • I think Cronenberg does a lot of interesting stuff with the physical/metaphorical consequences of emotions. He doesn’t let his male characters off the hook in that regard either–See Dead Ringers or A History of Violence. Also, I applaud him in his generous use of male nudity. It’s usually not in a sexy context, but so many directors shy away from it and it’s refreshing to see something other than a heaving female bosom in a horror movie.

        Well, let me know if you want to borrow Ginger Snaps sometime.

  3. If you want to see something interesting check out “The Girl Next Door”. no not the Elisha Cuthbert 2004 pukefest; but the 2007 adaption of the Jack Ketchum novel. It is heartbreaking and disturbing at the same time. And based on a true story. Possibly the only” girl getting tortured” movies I think is actually done well. Not a “torture porn” film at all. There’s no cheap thrill about it. And there’s only one shot with any nudity. It’s done about as classily (I don’t think that’s a word) as it ever could hope to be. The moral is the important part.

    Also, French black metal band Celestia is incredible.


      Anyway, yeah, very interesting (though I wish they’d had the budget for better actors, some of those lines were just painful). I liked how the evil aunt, though she was supposedly this big man-hater, ended up taking out all her shit out on the females in her family and was really contemptuous of femininity in general. I could probably bore you to death with all my feminist cultural studies learnings about women attempting to style themselves as tough and trying to fit in with dudes by treating other women with contempt – like the evil aunt trying to look cool to her sons and the neighborhood kids by letting them brutalize that poor girl.


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