“disco stick,” indeed.

I am usually way out of the loop when it comes to pop culture. It’s not a snob thing – most of my interests are silly/nerdy enough that I’d be a damn fool to judge anyone else. I’m just a rube, I suppose.

But even a rube like me can appreciate this photo of Lady Gaga:

I love her weird spiky gloves. I especially love that she is using them to show off the giant prosthetic peener tucked in her leggings. In general, I appreciate that she seems to think her job as a pop sensation is to be kind of weird and frightening – she is still conventionally sexy (skinny, blonde, hot) but the way she expresses her sexuality is a lot more interesting to me than the sexual expression other pop-singer ladies. I remember as a wee girl-child in the late ’90s I was way more annoyed with Britney Spears than was really warranted by her music, and it had a lot to do with the fact that she used her sexuality in her music/videos/photos, and then in interviews would yammer on about the importance of not fucking ’til marriage and such. (Yes, I’m well aware that she eventually got religion, so to speak, on how much fun porking really is, but that bad first impression sticks with me. And anyway, her voice is just awful, even with the technological miracles of modern production.) In other words, it’s OK to look sexy if it makes dudes get all boner’d out over you, but it’s not OK to actually, you know, have sex and feel good about it. Compare this with Gaga’s M.O. of “I fuck the shit out of both men and women, and it’s AWESOME.” So great!

And I may or may not have spastically danced to “Bad Romance” and “LoveGame” (love that apparently-Warriors-inspired video!) this morning while recovering from a brutal hangover. (I drank a beer called Old Heathen! And another one called Old Rasputin! Yummers!)

~ by Smellen on March 4, 2010.

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