Sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately. I’ve kicked my bass-practicing up a few notches because there’s a slim possibility I may soon be playing with one or more musicians who, quite frankly, kick my ass. Y’know, they’ve been playing since I was in short pants and their gear costs more than my kidneys would on the black market. So, while my impractical side is simply wanting to run around screaming “I’M NOT WORTHY,” Wayne’s World style, my practical side says I just need to play more. Which I have been, to the extent that it’s basically put me back in school mode (forgetting to eat, sleep, or bathe; kind of unclear on what day of the week it is). It’s nice to have a project I can obsess over. I’ve found that if I’m not kicking my own ass to do something, I get real grumpy. Yes, more so than usual. It’s a bit frightening, actually.

Even of I don’t end up playing with these folks, it’s nice to see myself making improvements with my own playing. I’m not going to lie: I do put a lot of pressure on myself because I am a lady in a traditional boy’s club. It’s OK to be a crappy guitarist if you’re a dude, because no one is going to use you as an example of how “men can’t play.” And if you’re a solid player but nothing special, people aren’t going to think twice about you – they definitely won’t say shit like “you’re pretty good…you know, for a dude.” I realize that I could be a technical genius and that still wouldn’t stop some people, but I want to be able to reasonably acquit myself, if just by my own standards.

Anyway, here’s my new tattoo. It’s a Viking symbol called the aegishjalmr, which translates as “helm of awe” or “helm of terror.” It’s supposed to make a person invincible in battle. Technically it goes on your forehead, but I decided against that.

And here’s Rodrigo y Gabriela playing “Vikingman.” What I love about these two is that while their audience includes a lot of hippies and snooty Whole Foods-shopping yuppie “world music” fans, what they’re playing is straight-up METAL. It’s just on acoustic guitars. They both played for a long time in a thrash-metal band and have been known to cover Metallica. Fuck yes!


~ by Smellen on February 16, 2010.

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