just call me Heather Chandler

Oh, I am positively tickled to have been used as an example of Mean Shit People Say on the Intertubes. Please note, however, that despite my big mouth, I do not actually advocate violence towards people I disagree with. Any punching I mention is (probably) metaphorical. Any eating of human babies is not, however. Yum! Babies!

~ by Smellen on January 29, 2010.

5 Responses to “just call me Heather Chandler”

  1. Well then, for the sake of swimming against the tide of consensus, I just wanted to add my own testimony:

    By following a maze of links from recent posts over at “Poetix,” I stumbled on a number of great blogs in recent days, yours being my favorite of the bunch. I love it. It’s very refreshing to find something that differs from the usual vapid & annoying glut of “privileged little white girls who don’t want to think too hard.” *Finally!*

    • Thanks! I can’t say I make an effort to think all the time, but I do try. When I’m not killing my brain with budget alcohol, that is.

      I don’t know if it’s a consensus that I’m kind of a jerk, and honestly, I can understand why I come across like that – my writing voice is very abrasive, and the factor ups to 10 when I’m unusually annoyed. I just was a little surprised to see my name pop up in the context of “this is what you have to be prepared for when you put things on the internet.” I mean, I may be grumpy but I don’t think my grumblings are an example of the worst kind of things the ‘tubes can say about someone.

      …in other news, I OVERTHINK THINGS. Maybe I should murder some more brain cells with cheap tequila shots and eliminate this issue.

  2. My writing voice used to be more abrasive until I had to start teaching. Sometimes I miss it. Stay punk! (Or metal.)

    • Strangely, although I listen to metal a lot more now, I still feel more “at home” with punk rock, I think because a lot of the things I learned at the knee of punk (keeping it DIY, staying politically aware) still inform a lot of how I conduct myself in my day-to-day life. Also, most of my friends are still punks, and even my metalhead friends are largely ex-punks who still do things like pay top dollar for Amebix records.

  3. Drankin’ and overthankin’? Hmmm…wondering if I’ve ever done such stuff. (Scratches chin.)

    Anyway: No need to make excuses/apologies for any of it. Just keep keeping it real. Haha.

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