“don’t just buy booze. that ain’t food.”

I was all ready to watch Until The Light Takes Us and reflect on it in an insightful manner, but then my friend bought me wayyy too many margarita pitchers and I watched the whole thing tanked on tequila. Ewps. Damn you, happy hour! It was certainly entertaining, though.

There was a genuinely disturbing moment at the screening, however. One of interview subjects (my alcohol haze prevents me from recalling who; maybe Hellhammer?) made a real casual remark about Bard Eithun and the man he killed, along the lines of “oh yeah, he killed some faggot and we were all pretty impressed because we thought he was all talk.” And…people laughed. What the fuck? Um, he really did kill that man, just for the record. Someone is dead now because someone else was insecure enough about their sexuality to consider being hit on by a fellow a murder-worthy threat.

I guess black metal being a thing in obnoxious hipster circles (and this being screened in a gallery right next to the art college, there were a fair amount of those folks in attendance), and those folks liking it because it’s kitsch and funny, means that they don’t take any part of it seriously. And I’m not trying to argue that BLACK METAL IS SRZ BUSINESS, I laugh at the hilarious music videos too, but…it’s gross to just laugh off a dude’s death like that, or ignore/write off the serious racism and homophobia expressed by some of those musicians.

Also: I realized that the acquaintance I sat next to at the screening is someone I only seem to see when I’m piss-drunk and babbling about something Scandinavian (I yapped about Norse mythology a lot last time I saw him). Sorry I spent the night chuckling about Vikernes’ unfortunate facial hair, dude. Stupid tequila. Thank god for drinking 4 pint glasses of water when I got home.

~ by Smellen on January 29, 2010.

One Response to ““don’t just buy booze. that ain’t food.””

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