some whinging and some good things

#. I was so excited to see Slayer and Megadeth with my boyfriend to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but Tom Araya wrecked his back and now the tour is postponed until August. I am beyond bummed out. I’m just glad I did get to see Slayer back in 2003, they were amazing.

#. In Doctrinal Expletives zine news: Learning to Leave a Paper Trail, the distro I had been working with since the zine’s inception, has officially closed, but don’t despair. Stranger Danger just picked up issue #5, and False Start will have #4 and #5 once it opens. Please note, if you’re interested, that I still have issues #1-3 available. I’m just not making a particular effort to get them out there anymore.

#. I would like to point you all towards this post at Threadbared – I really enjoyed reading Mimi and Minh-ha’s thoughts on thrift vs. “vintage”, among other things. Pretty much the only thing I miss about Punk Planet is Mimi’s column, so I’m glad that she still writes regularly somewhere. Also, even though the extent to which I think about fashion is to wonder if I can still get away with wearing this or that item even though it smells a little weird, I am still coveting Minh-ha’s dresses.

~ by Smellen on January 12, 2010.

6 Responses to “some whinging and some good things”

  1. I didn’t even know you had issues out so far! And I definitely want copies!

  2. hey helen, i thought i should let you know that i picked up a pile of #1 – #4 from paper trail for my distro, vampire sushi. i’m just working on putting loads of new zines on there, including yours (i’ve had masses of new stock in this week, i am drowning in zines!) and i was just googling your zines cos #2 didn’t have page numbers and i’m too lazy to count & found your blog instead!

    btw, your zine is great. well, i wouldn’t have got them for the distro otherwise. i just thought i’d let you know, feels weird distroing stuff by people you’ve never spoken to yourself.

    xx tukru

    • Hey, a much-belated thanks! I would offer to send some of #5 if you’re interested but my photocopy budget is currently nil. I’ll try to remember once I get some more dollahs.

  3. Hi Helen,

    I recently started a distro in Sydney, Australia, with my partner (in crime) Tim. We’d be really like to get some of your zines to stock. I came across your blog by following a link from my friend Anwyn’s, in regards to yr post on Nina Power’s book – bless the internerds! Anyway, our site’s at, if you’re interested. Cheers.


  4. Helen, I can’t believe that bright lime green burlap doesn’t appeal to you!

    Also, sometimes I hate fashion. Shhh!

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