Against my better judgment, I finally responded to this clusterfuck over at We Make Zines. If you can’t be bothered (and I can’t say that I blame you), it’s basically a few people inquiring about the “no racism, no sexism, no homophobia” guidelines that many zine distributors have, and arguing that those rules constitute “censorship.” The sense of entitlement this reflects blows my fucking mind. Yeah, distro owners (who do a whole lot of work for very little money or acknowledgment) should totally work with zines they aren’t interested in and don’t support politically, because otherwise they are evil censoring monsters. Boo hoo hoo. Working with a distro is awesome, but hardly necessary for getting your zine out there. You will definitely have to do a lot more legwork as far as filling orders and such, but in the end you can write whatever crap you want and probably find some kind of audience for it, even sans distro.

Moving on from zine drama (as the audience breathes a collective sigh of relief) – I’m kind of glad when people use the term “P.C.”, because that is when I know I can officially stop giving a shit about anything they’re saying. When I see that term, I think of writers like Camille Paglia, whose arguments are built on gauzy layers of shoddy research, stereotype-based assumptions, and leaps of logic. But hey! Since her conclusions are so “outrageous” (pardon me while I stifle a yawn), she’s got a great defense for anyone who wants to argue with her. Obviously they are just part of the unrelenting PC feminist cabal, hell-bent on silencing any brave writer who utters a peep in disagreement. It can’t be that she constructs arguments like a goddamn THIRD-GRADER. No sir.

OK, time for coffee!


~ by Smellen on December 30, 2009.

One Response to “lolzinez”

  1. i liked your reply a lot. i drafted one of my own but didn’t post it because i just didn’t want to get into it.

    the interesting thing is that the woman who started the thread sent me her zines for consideration back in april or so. i thought she has a really interesting concept, but the writing was in no way up to the standard i try to maintain in the distro. this is less a reflection on her skills than it is on her inexperience in making zines. i figured she’d keep working on zines & eventually come out with some pretty good ones. so how disheartening is it to see that she is considering the rejections she received to be evidence that we just can’t handle the science she is dropping on us? i passed on her zines because the writing was kind of shitty & the execution even worse, not because she was blowing my mind with her transgressive wisdom. she’s not saying much in her zines that other people aren’t saying, sometimes better. & her zines are actually very political & very feminist & i don’t understand why she seems to think that she’s being passed over because she’s not “PC” enough. (though sometimes her feminism is of a clementine cannibal stripe, ie, quasi-feminism of the “every choice is a woman makes is a feminist choice” variety.)

    that whole thread pisses me off. i work like a dog on the distro specifically to support the types of zines that have historically been dismissed by the middle-class white punk dude cabal. if these kinds of zines have gained a foothold & a larger audience in the last five to ten years…GOOD! i have therefore been doing my job properly. but that doesn’t mean that other people can’t (& aren’t) going right ahead & making whatever kinds of zines they like.

    the whole thing smells like sour grapes to me, which is something distro folks always have to deal with–people who got passed over or rejected & want to blame anyone but themselves & their own not-so-great zine efforts for it. the sense of entitlement being displayed there is really baffling & fucked up.

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